Personal Note to readers of A Life to Rescue: 

 I often thought that I would love to hear an update on characters I read about, especially in true stories. So I have decided to provide updates on this page.  


May 2014--Jeremy graduated from college. Yes!

May 2012—The end of the school year brought Jeremy home for the summer which is a real blessing for Karen & Randall. He will work for his dad's business and take a week's vacation to Myrtle Beach with friends & family in June. Karen can hardly believe Jeremy will be a junior in college next school year! 


February 2012—Jeremy has done some leadership roles this  year at the university he attends. Facebook gives a glimpse of how he is doing. It's great to see him in photos with friends, out to eat or  or around campus. 

April, 2011—Spring break was too short for Karen, but Jeremy and Jennifer enjoyed some time off and went to Sea World with friends.

October, 2010—Jeremy is off to a wonderful start at college. He likes his classes and teachers. He has made friends and keeps busy going places and parties, and hopefully studying as well. Just last weekend, he said he was going with a group to a special concert event, out to eat, and to a party afterward.

June 14, 2010—The simple things are sometimes the best things in life. During a card game with the family, Jeremy's grandpa drew a particularly loathsome card, Jeremy’s response, “Isn’t this a fun game?” That brought a smile to his grandpa’s sour expression.

May 2010—Jeremy graduated from High School. As a senior in good standing and high grades, he was exempt from his finals. 

About Karen:

Karen Michelle Graham is a wife & mother of two children, a 24-year-old daughter, Jennifer, and a 19-year-old son, Jeremy. Karen received a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management, worked as a computer programmer for fourteen years, and is currently a writer and speaker. When her son was diagnosed with autism at two-years-old, Karen led her family on an all-out rescue mission to give her son the future he deserved.  By the time Jeremy was three and a half, Karen began running an intense therapy program for him. Two years into the therapy program, the doctor declared that Jeremy no longer met the criteria for the diagnosis and predicted Jeremy would continue to make good developmental progress. And he did!

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