Endorsements for book & speaking engagements:

 "…  The information in [Karen’s] book was so compelling I actually read it twice!  And I encourage you to do the same."  
~ Susan Lynn Perry, Host of The Mother Cub Show—All About Autism—www.mothercub.com

" I found it [A Life to Rescue] very readable and a valuable presentation of ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis). How anyone could read this mother's account and not be informed, impressed, and inspired by the method and the results gained with her son is totally beyond my imagination. I learned so much." 
~ Dr. Laurence A. Becker, Ph.D.

 "Karen Graham’s story is an authentic and inspiring account of her son’s progress through ABA therapy.  The information she provides gives new insight into what ABA therapy looks like as well as the struggles and elation parents may face.  Her book is a must read for any parent with a child recently diagnosed with autism.”
~ Vincent LaMarca, Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Lovaas Institute – Indianapolis 

"What a great book! A fantastic reference for parents. A great tribute to all that ABA/Lovaas therapy can do."   
~ Crystal Burns Held, ABA Consultant

“This real-life account of how an ordinary family conquered autism is the most miraculous and inspirational story of devotion, persistence, and deliverance I have ever read.  Any family who is living with the challenges of autism will be encouraged by the understanding, help, and hope that Karen offers.”  
~ Terry B.,  homeschool mom and parent of an autistic son

 “I enjoyed reading A Life to Rescue tremendously. There came a point when I wouldn't have been able to put the book down if I had wanted to.  It was readable, personal, touching, and enjoyable. I learned more about autism than I have ever known.  I hope many parents of autistic children will read this and be encouraged.” 
~ Dianne Brooks, reader

"I have had the pleasure of meeting Karen Graham and of hearing her speak about her son. She is an incredible advocate for her son and the entire autistic community."   
~Anna Jaworski, Owner and Founder of Baby Hearts Press

“[Karen] did a great job [for Books for Lunch]. [Her] speech was well-organized, personable, well-researched, and smoothly delivered with passion and enthusiasm.” 
~ D. Kirkland, Speech Instructor, Temple College



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